JY/ACLS-380A Advanced ACLS Manikin (Wireless)(in-hospital)

This system is mainly based on first-aid knowledge, suitable for training and continuing education of emergency medicine
at different levels, and it allows evaluation, assessment, and cases editing. It increases the authenticity, flexibility and
repeated operability of teaching, and helps to cultivate students' correct clinical thinking and teamwork spirit. 1. The manikin features realistic appearance, flexible joints and accurate structures such as mouth, nose, tongue, gingiva, pharynx, esophagus and epiglottis, etc, which can be used for teaching demonstration. Built-in lithium battery and air pump.

2. Manikin’s pupil can be set according to the clinical cases (normal, mydriasis, miosis).

3. Artery pulses can be palpated, including carotid pulse and femoral pulse, etc.

4. Allows to open the airway by means of head-tilt/chin-lift and jaw-thrust maneuvers; supports multiple ventilation methods
such as mouth-to-mouth, mouth-to-nose, BVM and breathing machine, etc.

5. Supports foreign body clearance.

6. Trachea cannula: the screen can show if the tube is correctly inserted into the trachea; simulation of spontaneous
respiration with chest rise;
7. According to AHA 2015 guideline for CPR and ECC, the threshold value of compression and tidal volume can be
adjusted; if compression sites, depth and frequency is correct or not are all displayed.

8. Allows to connect to simulative ECG monitors, defibrillators and AED;
9. Simulated bedside monitoring system truly reproduces the clinical environment: provides hundreds of normal/abnormal
electrocardiograms, respiratory curves, dynamic ETCO2 waveforms, and monitors vital signs of heart rate, blood oxygen
saturation, systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure, mean arterial pressure, respiratory rate and body temperature
in real time. And all the indexes above are adjustable.

10. There’s POP feeling for proper venepuncture, simulative blood can be extracted and it supports repeated exercises.

11. Basic nursing: oral care, foreign body clearance, sputum suction, oxygen inhalation, nasal feeding, venepuncture,
intramuscular injection, subcutaneous injection, bathing, changing clothes, external auditory canal irrigation, eye care,
turning over, hot and cold therapy and atomized inhalation therapy, etc.

12. BP: Shows systolic pressure, diastolic pressure, NIBP measurement, etc.

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