JY/3GMan 3800 Integrated First-aid Simulation Training System (3G Man)

Make clinical diagnosis and teamwork integrated, adopt computer-immersed virtual interaction technology to simulate real
emergency scenarios and create realistic onsite feeling. “3D simulated patient” shows the changes of disease and vital
signs. Built in 8 subjects and over 20 emergency cases including heart arrest, bradycardia, tachycardia, chest pain,
toxicosis, overdose, stroke, dyspnea and craniocerebral injury, etc, which completely covers all the courses in the AHA
guidance of Fight Heart Disease and Stroke. Product advantages:
1) Realistic three-dimensional animation, immersive;
2) Open diagnosis and treatment mode, which allow students to fully disseminate their clinical thinking;
3) Various laboratory index varies with treatment and can be tracked in time;
4) Highly intelligent syste make users even have same training case but with different conditions at random;
5) Absolutely liberalized operation perfectly reflects how students master the knowledge and how the teamwork is.

Main devices for adult emergency skills training:
1) Advanced mobile computer x 1pc
2) Intelligent acute and critical rescue manikin x 1pc
3) Simulated multi-parameter monitor x 1pc

4) Defibrillator x 1pc
5) Other common advanced rescue devices and emergency medicine.

Optional Software:
Advanced iCloud Record and Evaluation Software
The system provides a video server that can record operation process, monitor signs, and event logs synchronously
through the central monitoring network system. Allow to display video frame, multi-parameter monitor signs and operation
log to display on one screen, and annotation text can be made on the timeline. Timeline management allows the user to
move to any recorded time point in to review the event or the comments; during playback, the video, monitor signs, event
log, and annotation text are in sync with the timeline and the system supports bug drag play. Software Parameters:
1) Historical recording records are arranged and displayed in a graphical block list. The display blocks include information
such as recording time, on-site first-taken pictures, case names, trainees and teachers, etc., which makes it convenient to
browse and search.

2) Provides fuzzy search conditions such as recording time, case name, trainees and teachers to accurately find historical
recording items.

3) Allows to record video frame, multi-parameter monitoring signs and operation log in one screen, and allows to make
annotation text on the timeline.

4) During playback, timeline management allows the user to move to any recorded time point to review the event or the

5) Edit/add system annotation template entries;
6) Support multiple accounts log-in;

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