JY/F-HB2 Advanced Postpartum Nursing Manikin

1) Standard adult manikin with flexible joints, which can meet all kinds of body positions
2) Comes with: torso-rotation, stretch; neck-rotation, flex, lateral bending; shoulder and hip-adduction, abduction, rotation,
flex; elbow-medial rotation, outer rotation; knee- medial rotation, outer rotation; wrist- medial rotation, flex, stretch, bend; ankle- varus, ectropion, adduction and abduction.

3) Supports sponge bath on bed; change clothes; help “patient” move tobedside; use wheelchair, flatcar or stretcher to move and carry the“patient”; axis turning methods, limbs constraint methods, shoulder constraint methods, general constraint method; etc.

4) Pupils observation: normal and mydriasis; aural nursing, oral nursing,tracheotomy postoperative nursing, oxygen inhalation and aerosol inhalation; BP measurement training.

5) Supports intramuscular injection: modules locate in the left and right upper arms and buttocks; real soup can be injected into the modules; and modules can be taken off for rinse;
6) Ileum fistula on the abdominal wall connected to a liquid-collecting bottled for ostomy care
7) Voice broadcast for breast swelling, nipple collapse, milk overflow and breast distending pain
8) Supports interchangeable male/female urethral catheterization,
indwelling catheter and bladder irrigation, and simulative urine can be seen after successful catheterization. 9) Supports clyster: mass non-retention clysis, little non-retention clysis, cleansing enema, and retention enema.

★ The embedded breast module is detachable and interchangeable, and comes with all kinds of breast tumors, lymph
gland, lobular hyperplasia for inspection and palpation.

★ The embedded lumbar puncture module is realistic and replaceable, and it allows repeated training.

10) CPR: Supports artificial respiration and external cardiac compression, and operating data is electronically monitored
with prompts for wrong operation, and chest rise can be obviously observed during air blowing
11) Manually simulates carotid pulse.

12) Available blood pressure measurements training on arm.

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