High Simulation Trauma Manikin - John
1. Head: Liquid crystal pupils, size can be adjusted as required, including normal pupils, mydriasis and pin-point pupils.
2. Voice: the manikin can make different sounds accoridng to different pathogenetic conditions, and the volume can be adjusted.
3. Breath: the manikin supports real spontaneous respiration with chest rise, and comes with varoius breathing patterns
including Cheyne-Stokes breathing, Biot’s respiration, and cogwheel breathing, etc. Both respiratory rate and repiratory depth
are adjustable.
4. Pulse: supports real artery pulse such as carotid pulse, radial pulse and femoral artery pulse; pulse and heart rate are at the
same frequency.
5. Trachea cannula: tracheal intubation via mouth, intubation position and depth can be shown simutaneously by the multimedia
software; open the airway by means of head tilt and jaw thrust. Audible warning feedback if there’s pressure on teeth. Simulate
unilateral and bilateral pulmonary obstruction and main airway blockage, etc.
6. Auscultation: supports auscultation of breath sounds, heart sounds, bowel sounds and vascular murmur.
7. BP: perform non-invasive BP measurement with simulated sphygmomanometer, and Korotkoff's Sound can be heard.
8. CPR: According to AHA 2015 guideline for CPR, supports multiple ventilation ways: mouth to mouth and BVM to mouth,
etc; electronically monitor airway opening, blowing volume, blowing frequency, blowing times, compression sites, compression
times, compression depth and frequency, upload the data which collects from the sensor to the computer, so the operation can be
shown in real time, and the software can automatically judge if the operation is correct or not. There’s English voice prompts
during the whole process.
9. Defibrillation: support real and simulated defibrillation.
10. Pace-making: support real and simulated pace-making.
11. ECG: supports real ECG monitoring, and huge quantity of electrocardiogram to simulate various disease can be selected in
the system.
12. Drug administration: subcutaneous injection and intramuscular injection at bilateral deltoids; intramuscular injection at
bilateral vastus lateralis muscles, buttock intramuscular injection, arm intravenous injection or transfusion (blood transfusion);
simulate infusion pump and injection pump via software.
13. Basic nursing function: supports oral care, hair and face washing, changing clothes and oxygen inhalation.
14. Supports pneumothorax puncture, and gas can be drawn after successful puncture. Supports tracheotomy care.
15. Supports nasal feeding.
16. Trauma evaluation: supports training in sterilization, dressing change, hemostasis, binding up and wound care.
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